Clinical Engineering and IT Connectivity Conference 2017

Tuesday 12th September 2017, Ricoh Arena, Coventry

Updates and Progress around Medical Devices and IT Connectivity Issues

The event programme will focus on updating staff knowledge about managing and integrating medical devices, IT connectivity to devices and staff behaviour in using systems.

Both the Clinical Engineering Best Value Groups and annual conference are well established and with the new IT & Connectivity Group being  inaugurated there is a strong affinity between the two professions. At present there is not always an open line of communication within the respective Trust’s Departments.  With the growth in technology most new Medical Equipment is now being fitted with a LAN Port or Wi-Fi  connectivity by default.

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MEIBioeng/MPEC 2017

MEIBioeng/MPEC 2017
13th - 14th September 2017
Sandown Park Racecourse, Surrey

MEIbioeng/MPEC2017 will be a two day scientific meeting with up to five strands of scientific content covering all aspects of medical physics, clinical and biomedical engineering, academic research and clinical applications, from cutting-edge academic research to innovative clinical practice.

This is a very exciting collaboration for 2017, combining IPEM’s annual MPEC and the Medical Engineering Initiative’s Bioengineering conference, and is expected to attract more than 300 people.

Abstracts are invited in a broad range of topic areas, and the deadline for submissions is 31st March.


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