Ardo medical Ltd


suction-pumpArdo based in Taunton are part of an independent Swiss family firm, which develops, manufactures and markets premium quality products in the Medical Technology sector.


Ardo has many years of experience working with medical engineers as their neonatal, suction technology and breastpump ranges are purchased by many leading hospitals in the UK.


Ardo develops truly innovative products –


  • Carum-from-ArdoBreastpumps- manufacturers of the innovative Carum and Calypso, closed system breastpump range.
  • Suction Pumps - high-performance Senator & Primus suction pumps, with a complete range of user friendly accessories.
  • Neonatal - product line includes Amecosy warming mattress and the Amelux phototherapy light system. 



Ardo’s focus is on innovative products, precise and reliable workmanship and top quality components.



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