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About Medela

For more than 50 years, Medela has developed from a small family owned company in Switzerland to a global producer of technologically advanced breastpumps and Medical Vacuum Technology.

All of our products are engineered and manufactured to a quality you would expect of a Swiss company. A clear advantage is that we offer complete, integrated systems, not improvised components forced to work together. Our products are used by doctors and healthcare professionals all over the world, enabling them to care for their patients in an effective and efficient way. Throughout our company’s history, we have questioned conventional solutions in order to create better products, based on thorough and sound research.


Introducing Clario Toni

clario toniClario Toni is Medela’s new paediatric airway suction pump. Named after a courageous tracheostomy patient, Clario Toni is gentle, lightweight and mobile - just like a butterfly.

Clario Toni has 3 preset vacuum levels:

  • 60 mmHg for neonates
  • 100 mmHg for children or upper airway suctioning
  • 600 mmHg for thick secretions


Clario Toni fulfills high international standards, and meets Clinical Guidelines for airway suctioning from Great Ormond Street Hospital.


Home healthcare teams and paediatric patients in need of airway suctioning appreciate the Clario Toni suction pump because of its clever engineering and smart design. It offers variable vacuum values for flexible, suitable suction and the right care for tracheostomy patients. Just the right care for children!


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