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Multi-Medix offer a world class comprehensive range of professional ultrasound support services designed to meet today’s need for quality and affordability.


At the EBME conference at Milton Keynes on 30th April 205, we are delighted to be showcasing an inspired new approach to testing and validating of ultrasound transducers. Probe testing will never be the same again with Active-Z™ an affordable, hand held testing device for use within hospitals and clinics. Measuring the complex impedance between connection and circuit, this battery operated apparatus is an invaluable tool for quickly checking faulty/suspect probes and the efficacy of probes at point of use.


Our aim is to give hospitals across the UK and Europe access to independent, qualitative testing of the image chain, empowering hospital teams to take real control of the quality and safety of the hospital’s ultrasound equipment themselves.


IMG 0176To see for yourself how innovative the world of ultrasound testing has become, visit us on stand A13 to view Active-Z™ and Aureon™ in action, to book a demonstration, or chat to us.


Our portfolio of realistically priced ultrasound support services are available at your fingertips. Call us for independent testing and validating of probes, bespoke QA solutions. Gain access to our extensive range of loan Probes from all major OEM’s  and discover our rapid, UK based probe repair, unmatched in efficiency and quality.


Multi-Medix is built on the foundations of ex-NHS Clinical Scientists and Technologists; we are passionate about quality, customer service and patient safety.




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