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OBS Medical are working with healthcare providers, device manufacturers and middleware companies to provide a simple, unambiguous call to action for all caregivers involved in the Continuum of Care to reference and respond to patient deterioration, helping to improve clinical outcomes and patient safety through; Simplification, Risk Identification and Prevention


Visensia® is a software solution that analyses and interprets the combined patterns of up to five vital signs collected from existing bedside monitors and ambulatory devices or manually during routine observations to generate a single early-warning index; The Safety Index™.


Visensia® The Safety Index™ works by comparing the patient’s vital signs; Heart Rate, Respiration Rate, Blood Oxygen Saturation, Temperature and Blood Pressure, against a model of normality derived from a population of high risk patient groups on the general ward.

When a patient’s multiple physiological vital signs are received, Visensia fuses these data to generate a single numerical index between (0 – 5) representing the patient’s wellness.


0 = Normal     3 = Visensia Alert (caregiver attention necessary)     5 = Critical (crisis)


Visensia Data Fusion
Visensia is the only FDA cleared and CE marked index for multiple physiological parameter assessment with automated alert of its kind.


Visensia – The Safety Index offers your hospital three unparalleled advantages. It can:

•    Identify crisis earlier
The data fusion and analysis provided by Visensia can help your clinical team identify signs of deterioration in a patient’s condition earlier and intervene before problems become life-threatening.
Helping to prevent “failure to recognise” patient deterioration by facilitating earlier identification of problems.

•    Improve communication
By providing a single data point to reference as a common language, Visensia – The Safety Index simplifies communication of a patient’s condition.
Helping eliminate “failure to communicate” in crisis situations by providing a single health status that all clinical team members can recognise, reference and respond to.

•    Accelerate response times
Having a reliable pre-crisis alert tool for Rapid Response Teams (RRTs) and other clinical teams can help improve response time system wide, leading to enhanced patient safety and outcomes.

Visensia provides a single, highly reliable data point for caregivers to refer to when communicating a patient’s condition to other team members. It is effective because it can be trusted.


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