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Mortara is proud to announce the launch of its Surveyor™ S4 Mobile Monitor with 12 Lead ECG and SPO2.

This revolutionary advance in mobile monitoring marks the company’s latest addition to its Surveyor Central Monitoring System.

Mortara S4The Surveyor S4 challenges the conventional wisdom of telemetry and proprietary antenna concepts, and embraces the emergence of patient monitoring within today’s larger, more interconnected and expanded WiFi healthcare networks.  This innovative mobile monitor represents a significant expansion of the Surveyor patient monitoring platform and underscores Mortara’s commitment to consistently deliver innovative monitoring solutions to our customers.

The Surveyor S4 Mobile Monitor brings convenient features and functionality to the point of care. “Unlike competitive ambulatory monitoring systems, the Surveyor S4 allows customers to use their existing WiFi network for bidirectional communication with the Surveyor Central Station, rather than require the installation of a proprietary antenna network,” said Dr. Justin Mortara, CEO of Mortara.  


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