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Qardio is the award-winning healthcare company that combines innovative technologies, elegant design and powerful data analytics to create the next generation of connected health. Our mission is to revolutionise healthcare by creating medical devices that are easy to use yet offer deeper, actionable insights for both users and their healthcare providers.

Our clinically-validated, wearable and connected devices work with a smartphone or tablet using the Qardio App that stores and displays the data history with easy to understand charts, stats and trends and allows the user to share their measurements with their family and doctor. Doctors and healthcare providers can monitor their patients using Qardio devices without the need for in-office visits by viewing data in their EHR systems or using QardioMD, a web-based solution that not only displays patients’ home collected data but also organises the analysed data in a way doctors can easily understand which patient is doing well and which one needs immediate attention.


QardioMD is a truly innovative way to look after patients effectively outside the doctor’s office while lowering cost. Doctors can monitor patients’ vitals such as blood pressure, weight, respiratory rate, activity levels and continuous ECG. Our devices don’t require a professional fitting and data is collected and analysed automatically.

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QardioMD supports all Qardio devices, including QardioArm - a smart blood pressure monitor, QardioBase - a wireless scale and body analyser, and QardioCore - a wireless ECG monitor that continuously records ECG, heart rate and heart rate variability, activity levels, respiratory rate and skin temperature. Qardio devices are clinically validated with medical grade accuracy doctors can trust.

QardioArm wireless BP monitor is portable, stylish and discreet, to be used anytime, anywhere, unlike traditional blood pressure monitors. QardioArm provides users with actionable insights on their health with easy to understand charts, stats and trends – turning a smartphone into a doctor in your pocket.

QardioCore is the world's 1st continuos ECG/EKG monitor that doesn't require skin preparation, wires or patches. It continuously records ECG/EKG data, heart rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature, respiratory rate and activity tracking. This clinically-validated medical device is equipped with revolutionary sensor technology coupled with high performance cloud analytics to record and analyse over 20 million data points a day.

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