Talley logoTalley Group are the UKs largest privately owned provider of specialist pressure area care (PAC) support surfaces for the prevention and management of pressure ulcers.

At Talley, we understand that effective medical equipment management is critical to delivering safe, effective, harm-free patient care and we have developed a comprehensive range of products and services to help both the NHS and private healthcare providers deliver optimal care and safe equipment to patients.

For any EBME staff involved in medical device procurement, servicing or management our friendly team at Talley would be delighted to explain how we can help with;


Improving medical device cleaning and disinfection

Our unique range of TECcare cleaning and disinfection products can offer EBME departments significant gains in medical device cleanliness, reduced microbial bioburden, improved process efficiency, significant cost savings and less waste production.

By adopting our TECcare CONTROL technology one EBME department saw a 94% improvement in medical device cleanliness, a 52% efficiency gain, a 25% cost reduction and 73% less waste from the cleaning and disinfection process!


Comprehensive service solutions

Whether it is routine maintenance or ad-hoc repair Talley offer UK-wide support with a comprehensive range of service solutions and decontamination options to suit differing needs and budgets. Our service solutions include: equipment servicing; preventative maintenance contracts; LOLER testing; equipment decontamination services; equipment audits; managed service contracts; asset management and spare parts.


Understanding PAC support surface classification and CE marking

Whilst all  powered PAC support surfaces MUST have a CE-mark to be legally sold in Europe did you know that manufacturers of Class I devices self-certify their product and that safety and performance claims of Class I devices are not assessed by an independent Notified Body?

All Talley powered PAC support surfaces are Class IIa medical devices. This means an independent Notified Body checks ALL our claims of device safety and performance BEFORE we can sell our products. To truly deliver safe and effective care to your patients Talley think it makes sense to use medical devices where all claims of device safety and effectiveness have been thoroughly checked. That’s why we are proud to have all of our powered PAC products registered as Class IIa medical devices.


Understanding whole life mattress costs

Talley total spendWhen choosing which PAC support surfaces to rent or buy for your patients there are several essential elements to consider, these are;

Product safety and performance

PU prevention (evidenced PU incidence reduction)

Quality/Reliability (costs for servicing, breakdowns, spare parts etc.)

Product life-expectancy

Each of the above points will affect the impact of the PAC support surface on the overall costs to the provider. Fortunately our dedicated expert team can talk you through these essential elements that must be considered when deciding on which support surface is the right choice for your facility and most importantly your patients.


Therefore if you want to improve patient safety, work smarter, save money and improve efficiency visit our website www.talleygroup.com or contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..