Visual Inspection

The process of visual inspection is not clearly defined by IEC 60601, however visual inspections form a critical part of the general safety inspections during  the functional  life  of medical  equipment.  In most cases, 70% of all faults are detected during visual an inspection.

A visual inspection is a relatively easy procedure, which is carried  out  to  ensure that  the  ME equipment  in use, still conforms to the specifications released by the manufacturer and has not suffered from any external damage and / or contamination.

The following inspections can be included:

  • Housing / Enclosure - Look for damage, cracks etc.
  • Integrity - Look for obstruction, moving parts, connector pins etc.
  • Cabling (supply, applied parts etc.) Look for cuts, wrong connections etc.
  • Fuse rating - check correct values after replacement.
  • Markings and labelling - check the integrity of safety markings.
  • Integrity of mechanical parts - check for any obstructions.


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