Philips IntelliSave AX700


An anaesthesia machine that is the centrepiece of a complete anaesthesia workstation solution from Philips, with an impressive number of high-end features.

This includes support for low-flow and minimal-flow anaesthesia, and extensive ventilation capabilities

Designed with safety in mind
The built-in battery backup has separate batteries for the user interface, gas mixer and ventilator.

This enhances battery use and allows you to continue your anaesthetic delivery for up to 90 minutes, without interruption, even if external power fails.

Even without any electric power from the batteries, the critical functions are mechanically and pneumatically operated. This means you can manually anaesthetise and ventilate the patient using the vaporisers and an emergency oxygen flow from a pressurised supply.

The electronic gas mixer, with a fresh gas flow of up to 20 litres per minute, has a rotameter-like display presenting the flow of O2 and the air or N2O mixture.

The hypoxic guard function ensures the O2 / N2O mix always contains at least 25% oxygen, and cuts off N2O and sounds an alarm if the oxygen supply fails.

Ventilation capabilities
A wide variety of ventilation modes lets you match the ventilation requirements of patients from neonatal to the elderly

Key advantages

  • A platform ready to grow with your needs and advances in anaesthesia practice
  • A compact, vertically integrated breathing systemthat is easy to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning
  • Space-saving design and ergonomic layout
  • Touch screen-based user interface for an intuitive and easy operation
  • Electronic gas mixer for exact control and display of gas mixtures
  • Optional Multigas Module to monitor O2, N2O, CO2, RR, and an anaesthetic agent (with automatic agent identification)
  • A high standard of built-in features to support patient safety

Philips Anaesthesia Care
Providing an integrated solution for anaesthesia delivery, clinical monitoring and patient data management

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