Philips Siesta i Whispa



A functional and flexible anaesthesia machine from Philips

Microprocessor-controlled ventilator
The Siesta i Whispa ventilator compensates for changes in the fresh-gas flow and compliance in the breathing system.
Pressure, spirometry data, and oxygen concentration are displayed on the 8" color TFT screen.
Supports seven ventilation modes: VCV, PCV, SIMV, PSV, PRVT, manual, and spontaneous.

PRVT - Pressure Regulated Volume Target PRVT is a lung-protective ventilation mode that combines the advantages of volume-controlled ventilation (VCV) and pressure-controlled ventilation (PCV). Optimum ventilation is achieved through inspiratory flow control, maintaining inspiratory pressure while the patient is undergoing anaesthesia.
The required tidal volume set by the operator is achieved by automatic, breath-by-breath pressure regulation.

The ascending bellows is designed to prevent air from being drawn into the breathing system in the event of a leakage.
The capacity is up to 1500 ml, making it suitable for adults, paediatrics, and neonates.

Yellow valve flaps allow visual supervision of inspiration and expiration. An APL valve is also integrated and valid in the manual and spontaneous modes.

High-level safety features
The Siesta i Whispa has a number of built-in safety features, including:

  • Hypoxic guard function, ensuring at least 25% oxygen in the oxygen/nitrous oxide mix
  • A slave regulator cuts off nitrous oxide and sounds an audible alarm in the event of a failed oxygen supply
  • A fresh-gas switch between the integrated breathing system and auxiliary gas outlet
  • An oxygen flowmeter with separate outlet, including tube nipple and integrated patient suction unit
  • Automatic self-test at start-up
  • Built-in battery backup

Key advantages

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Integrated breathing system - an ascending bagin-bottle, patient circuit, and CO2 absorber in onecompact unit. That means no tubing between thebreathing system and machine and only two tubes -for inspiration and expiration -between the breathingsystem and patient. The manual bag connection islocated under the APL valve.
  • Microprocessor-controlled ventilator with seven advanced ventilation modes, including PRVT
  • 8” high-resolution colour display
  • High-level safety features


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