Ultraflow™ - the world’s best performing and most comfortable inhaled analgesia system

When you’re specifying a gas control product, you need to know it’s as safe as possible, that it delivers the best possible experience for patients, and it’s designed to last.

The Ultraflow™ analgesic demand valve offers exactly that. Virtually eliminating the risk of cross-infection, with exceptionally high peak flow rates and a design developed in the UK in partnership with midwives and healthcare professionals, Ultraflow™ delivers better pain relief, safety and comfort.

Virtually no risk of cross-infection

BPR Medical Ultraflow inhaled analgesia systemWe know patient safety is your number one priority – it’s ours too. That’s why Ultraflow™ has been designed to virtually eliminate the risk of cross-infection.

Patient safety is maximised thanks to an ultralow resistance one-way valve. Rather than going back through the handset, exhaled breath is directed away from Ultraflow™, either to the atmosphere or, with an optional diverter, to an Active Gas Scavenging System (AGSS).

Unlike other demand valves, Ultraflow’s specially-designed exhalation valve prevents the device from being used without it. This safety-focused design also removes the need for an expensive decontamination after each use.

No other demand valve system offers the same level of performance and protection.

Better pain relief for less effort

Ultraflow™ is the best performing inhaled analgesia system available - its lower resistance requires the lowest respiratory effort of any inhaled analgesia system.

This performance has been validated via independent tests by Cardiff University’s Medical Device Evaluation Centre, which concluded that Ultraflow™ outperforms other systems on the market with a patient filter.

Its patented non-linear tilt valve opens wide during use to provide an effortless flow of analgesic gas into the patient’s lungs. Separate breathing filters are not needed, meaning dead space inside Ultraflow™ is minimised and no exhaled breath is rebreathed. And, with no leakage during inhalation, all of the patient’s efforts result in breathing analgesic gas.

Unrivalled comfort and virtually unbreakable

BPR Ultraflow demand valvePatients and nursing staff frequently tell us how much they appreciate Ultraflow’s light, mobile, ergonomic design. Comfortable, with a latex-free cover making it soft to touch and easy to clean, it has no cold, hard exposed metal parts and is quiet when in use.

What’s more, Ultraflow™ is built to withstand even the toughest healthcare environment. Tested to over one million breathing cycles, it has been found to be virtually unbreakable.

This outstanding performance is why Ultraflow™ is used in thousands of healthcare settings, including maternity wards, emergency departments, and endoscopy units all around the globe. And why the world’s largest gas company insists on Ultraflow™.


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Exhalation Valve consumables for Ultraflow™ demand valves are now available to order through the NHS Supply Chain. We also supply Ultraflow™ direct to UK hospital customers.

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