QA3 Emergency Trolley


The QA3 Emergency Trolley is perfect for pre-treatment & post-treatment patient transport, a short stay temporary bed, and as a platform during certain therapeutic treatments within an emergency department environment. 

Primarily used as a short stay bed and platform to receive emergency medical treatment (including minor injuries, resuscitation, radiology and other ED affiliated satellite departments), it is also perfect for transporting a patient from an emergency department to other clinical areas.  


It can be supplied in a number of variants to suit the intended use within its clinical environment. 

QA3 Emergency Trolley 

QA3 DRIVE Emergency Trolley 

QA3 Powered Emergency Trolley 

QA3 DRIVE Powered Emergency Trolley 

Each variant is available as standard, or with an 800mm wide patient surface. 

QA3 Emergency Trolley brochure.


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