Welch Allyn Diagnostic Devices


For almost 100 years Welch Allyn has been helping frontline caregivers treat more patients, more efficiently. We have the range of diagnostic devices that will help you overcome problems, be more productive and give you extra time to dedicate to your patients.

Welch Allyn is the ideal choice within a hospital setting as: 

  • Welch Allyn exclusively focus on frontline care.
  • Provide excellent service and support.
  • Simple and intuitive devices that require minimal training.
  • Renowned for durability and reliability.
  • Trusted by thousands of healthcare professionals everyday.
  • 10 year warranty


Welch Allyn 767 Wall Transformer With Instrument Heads

Accurate diagnostics within easy reach.

  • Offers the flexibility to add on dependant on changing needs. 
  • Handle-based rheostats for quick light-intensity adjustments.
  • Modular design provides ability to add third handle.
  • OptiSense™ sensor automatically turns handles on and off when removed from and replaced in cradle.
  • Optional locking collars to secure heads to handles


Welch Allyn Desk Sets

Keep your diagnostic instruments powered up and ready to go with our most popular handles and instruments in one easy-to-order set.

Colored LEDs signal power is “on” and instruments are charging. 
Advanced circuitry ensures constant, safe charging and optimum, long-lasting lamp life.
Optional wall mount kit and/or specula tray.

If you are interested in this product and require further information please contact us on: 0207 365 6780

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