seca CT8000P 2

 seca CT8000P 2

A4 12 lead ECG machine with WiFi, advanced interpretation, 8" colour LCD and electrode placement adviser

Product Properties

  • Robust and reliable: ideal for busy clinics
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and seca link software included as standard – PDF ECGs automatically download to your pc following acquisition
  • 8” colour high-resolution screen with anatomica lelectrode placement (hook-up adviser function)
  • Compatible with all leading EMR systems – EMIS, SystmOne, Vision and others
  • Brilliant signal quality – ideal for paediatric ECGs
  • Capture and store 10 minutes of uninterrupted 12 lead data to document intermittent arrhythmias

    Lead reversal: Warnings and misplaced electrodes are immediately displayed before ECG acquistion

    Exercise ECG protocols for treadmills/ ergometers (optional extra)

First-grade ECG acquisition – digital or on paper

The seca CT8000P-2 is a highly reliable and robust ECG machine with easy data access and fast transmission of ECG reports to your EMR system. It can receive and send data via Wi-Fi or LAN, preview all 12 ECG leads simultaneously on its generous high-resolution screen, has a large memory and an in-built A4 thermal printer. This enables you to process ECG records digitally and paperless or as A4 printout.

Key-Technical Data

  • Net weight: 4.5 kg
  • ECG Channels: 12
  • Product width: 384 mm
  • Product height: 319 mm
  • Product depth: 90 mm


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