Nihon Kohden Lifescope G5

NK CSM 1501 1502

Nihon Kohden Lifescope G5

The advanced features of Life Scope G5 enable clinicians to customise the patient monitor for needs in different care areas throughout the entire hospital. To enhance patient-centred care, the Life Scope G5 is offering the following innovative solutions.

iNIBP: Fast and painless non-invasive blood pressure measurement measured on inflation of the cuff.

PWTT: Pulse wave Transit Time Measurement. If sudden blood pressure change occurs between periodic NIBP measurements, PWTT can detect it and trigger an NIBP measurement.

esCCO: Enhanced hemodynamic monitoring with no additional sensors, cost or procedure, supports clinicians even with less critical patients non-invasively or invasively with IBP.

Quality for seamless patient Transport

Nihon Kohden’s Life Scope G5 provides a comprehensive transport solution with seamless data transfer, numeric waveforms, settings and trends during transport
Lifescope G5 is part of our new portfolio ‘The Genesis of Monitoring’.

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