Monidrop IV Fluid Monitor

Transform your IV therapy service and reduce reliance on Volumetric Pumps

Monidrop is an IV Fluid Monitor which attaches to most commonly used gravity IV lines where it monitors infusion speed, time and total volumes infused. In conjunction with the IV Screen remote monitoring software application, it allows all infusions in a department or ward to be monitored from a central computer or mobile device.

There are three elements to the Monidrop system:

  • The Monidrop devices which attach to the drip chamber and calculate flow rates and total volumes infused. These can work as stand-alone devices or, as intended, with the two below elements.
  • Our special giving sets which are designed to improve user experience when administering IV without a pump. These work with a dial mechanism which are shown to improve control and consistency of speed vs traditional roller clamp giving sets. However, to avoid problems with inaccuracies, which are evident on other dial sets, there are no numbers printed on the dial and users will instead take the accurate speed from the Monidrop screen.
  • The IV Screen remote monitoring software platform, which enables users to monitor infusions speeds and volumes in real-time from a computer screen or mobile device. Additionally, Nurses can input desired speeds and the computer will alert them if any adjustments are required for any patient.

Covid-19 highlights the need to reduce close patient contact time can be important in exceptional circumstances. Monidrop will travel easily with the patient and is low maintenance, easy to use extremely easy to clean. Click here to view a webinar on Monidrop.


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If you are interested to learn more about the IV Fluid Monitor and how it would be of benefit in your line of work, please contact:

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