SAM e.p.s – Emergency Portable Suction

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The SAM e.p.s (Emergency Portable Suction) aspirator offers a new benchmark in battery operated suction equipment. These lightweight units are ideal for use by emergency services and incorporate many new features including a high performance low energy pump, fast suction build up, onboard lighting, a unique rotating bottle system allowing the unit to be laid flat in difficult terrain and can be fitted with either a reusable canister or a variety of Suction Liner systems (Vacsax, Serres, Hospira, Medline and others).

Fitted with an internal charger, the SAM e.p.s provides reliable performance both in and outside the hospital environment giving around 125 minutes of use on battery at full vacuum and up to 11 hours at lower suction levels due to its power management system.

Designed and built in the UK, the SAM e.p.s was specifically developed following consultations with doctors, paramedics, resuscitation officers and other medical staff and is suitable for use in ambulances, general hospital wards, critical care units, clinics and out in the community.

Key Features
o High Vacuum - 550+ mmHg at maximum setting
o High Flow - >30 litres per minute
o Extended use on battery with fast recharge time
o Bright Digital display with simple controls
o On board LED light to aid usage in low light situations
o Unique rotating canister cradle to give stable operating platform
o Support for multiple liner systems to match Hospital needs.
o Quiet operation (almost silent at lowest settings)
o IP44D compliant for resistance to dust and water ingress.
o Service light to highlight usage to support engineers
o Wipe down display and removable bottle cradle to allow simple cleaning
o Lightweight at just over 4kg

The SAM e.p.s is available with 2 different Suction Level versions, a standard unit for general emergency use and a specialist Neonatal version with a lower vacuum level setting to specifically address the needs of certain delicate procedures used in the treatment of Neonates.

In addition, a range of accessories including carry strap, bag, powered wall brackets (12v and 240v), hydrophobic filters and tubing are also available to complement the unit.

For more information, please contact Marc or Tamila in our Customer Services department on 01206 842244 or email and they will be happy to assist with your enquiry.

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