Rigel Uni-Therm electrosurgical analyzer


The quickest and easiest way to test all leading electrosurgical devices.

The innovative features and testing capabilities of the Rigel Uni-Therm make this all-in-one device invaluable, with contact quality monitoring (CQM) analysis, high current power measurement and HF leakage.
It is the ultimate device to reduce the complexity of ESU testing.

Features include:
• Compatible with the latest ESU generators
• Highly accurate load bank
• Tests all HF leakage tests as per IEC 60601-2-2 requirements
• Small in size; easier to use, transport and store
• Simple user interface with detailed colour screen
• All-in-one test for contact quality monitoring (CQM) to within 1Ω resolution
• No need to connect to a laptop; tests run automatically to save more time


Rigel from Seaward

Rigel Medical

Rigel’s portfolio of high quality biomedical test equipment is built on a thorough understanding of how biomeds work.
After spending countless hours working with biomeds in their workplace, getting to know their workflows, the demands on their time and the scope of their responsibilities, Rigel have been able to develop solutions that meet their needs.
As a market leader in test equipment Rigel’s ethos is to listen to and work with customers to hone products that are simple and effective. From safety analyzers to patient simulators, Rigel help medical institutions to stay safe and manage their inventory.