Philips SureSigns VS4


Full Functionality vital sign monitor to improve clinical workflow.
The Philips SureSigns VS4

The SureSigns VS4 helps you track subtle signs of deterioration so you can document and escalate effectively. It simplifies your workflow with an intuitive touchscreen interface, and provides time-saving tools like QuickCapture and QuickCheck for documentation, and QuickAlerts (single- or multi-parameter modified Early Warning Scoring) to activate your hospital’s Rapid Response Team (RRT) as appropriate. Now you can act decisively to provide targeted care when it can do the most good. Because it’s wiser to act rather than react.

Key advantages

  • Brings configurable Early Warning Scores to the bedside to help you identify subtle signs of patient deterioration for decisive action.
  • Provides intuitive tools such as QuickCapture to simplify documentation, and QuickAlerts to highlight patient deterioration for escalation.
  • Offers desired interfacing, using standard networking infrastructures and the latest security and encryption1

Other benefits

  • Uses same supplies as all Philips monitors
  • Time-sync with hospital or network clock
  • Stores up to 800 patient records
  • Confirmation of exported records easily seen in green
  • LAN/serial data export in HL7 format
  • Internal WiFi – 802.11 a/b/g option
  • USB port for easy software upgrades and to import

Configuration settings

  • Lithium ion battery
  • Battery management, including a visible icon to show unit is plugged in and charging
  • AC power input with power cord clip
  • Sturdy handle and rugged housing for easy portability
  • Compatible with SureSigns Dashboard

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Telephone: 0870 532 9741 Option 1


Disclaimer: SureSigns VS4 has tested compatible with Cisco Compatible Extensions, Version 4.
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