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RFiD Discovery is the recognised brand name for radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions for the healthcare industry from Paragon ID, a global leader in idenfication solutions. Used in over 100 hospitals across the UK and beyond for over 14 years, RFiD Discovery is the number one choice for active and passive RFID systems in the healthcare sector.

RFID Asset Label

  • Solutions include:
    Asset Tracking for medical devices
  • GS1 Labelling
  • Sterile Services Tracking
  • Re-usable PPE Tracking
  • Theatre Inventory Management
  • Baby Tagging
  • Automatic Temperature Monitoring
  • Staff and Patient Safety
  • Medical Record Tracking

RFiD Discovery solutions help NHS Trusts and other healthcare providers across the UK and worldwide increase their efficiency, cut costs, ensure compliance and improve patient safety.

The RFiD Discovery asset tracking system is the ideal tool to track large inventories of medical devices, beds and other assets in a busy hospital environment. Proven to provide a strong return on investment it is helping healthcare providers minimise time spent looking for equipment, improve utilisation levels and reduce the requirement to purchase new devices.

RFID Asset LabelAs a GS1 UK and Ireland industry partner we support trusts on their Scan4Safety journey with GS1 compliant labelling, helping them maximise the benefits of GS1 standards by integrating time-saving RFID technology and future-proofing systems.

As part of Paragon ID RFiD Discovery is accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14,001, ISO 27,001 and ISO 50,001 and holds the status of GS1 UK and Ireland industry partner. Our experience and technical know-how ensure you receive the very best advice from a supplier you can rely on.

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