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Created: 13-07-2006
Downloads: 800
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Created: 01-04-2020
Downloads: 66
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Created: 13-01-2014
Downloads: 872
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Top 10 health technology hazards for 2014

From ECRI Institute’s Top 10 Health Technology Hazards for 2014

(Poster size 11x17)

Created: 13-01-2014
Downloads: 698
Size: 1.18 MB

Top 10 health technology hazards for 2014

From ECRI Institute’s Top 10 Health Technology Hazards for 2014

(Poster size 8x10)

zip.png ems HOT
(3 votes)
Created: 28-09-2013
Downloads: 2,165
Size: 16.47 KB

Effective management system
(A precis of a typical EBME management system)

Created: 28-09-2013
Downloads: 3,644
Size: 544.04 KB

HTM 02-01 : Medical Gas Pipeline systems
Part A : Design, installation, validation and verification

Created: 28-09-2013
Downloads: 2,485
Size: 1.26 MB

HTM 02-01 : Medical Gas Pipeline systems
Part B : Operational management

(11 votes)
Created: 24-02-2016
Downloads: 794
Size: 10.12 MB

TaskMaster is a mature equipment maintenance program of the traditional type. It includes risk-based PM features, as well as all the usual job records, equipment records, PM planning and parts records etc.

The program is intended as an aid to organizing the work of hospital biomedical engineering departments and independent technical services providers. As it is a stand-alone program multiple installations can be made (including, for example, on a USB memory stick) with facilities to share data between them.

TaskMaster can operate on data sets in as many directory folders as you need (which may be useful for work at more than one job site), and can provide a comprehensive work place complete with diary, note-taking and reporting features. As well as the usual data importing and exporting facilities, it also includes features that allow a certain amount of data exchange or inter-action with other applications, websites, test equipment files and so forth.

Download the .zip file and unzip it into a new directory folder (C:TM for example). From there you can take a look at Readme.txt. Then, when ready, find TM.exe (usually with the fox icon) and call the program (by clicking with the mouse etc.). The program should run with the message "Preparing for first start-up". Wait until the installation routine runs to completion when the "Checking all datafiles ..." form appears. Then carry on once the [OK] button appears. Subsequent (normal) start-ups will be much quicker.


(Latest Version = TM_1805 : Updated 14 May 2018)

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