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Category: 2016 Seminar
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Created: 05-05-2016
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Amalthea Trust
Good Training is Better Than Bad Donations

Created: 17-09-2016
Downloads: 360
Size: 742.17 KB

The recent EBME Seminar explored some of the challenges facing the electro-biomedical engineering profession – including ensuring patient safety through effective medical device management, while delivering efficiency and productivity gains.
Louise Frampton reports.

Created: 05-05-2016
Downloads: 386
Size: 635.39 KB

Innovations in Healthcare Connectivity

Created: 08-05-2016
Downloads: 934
Size: 1.13 MB

Modernising Technology Management

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Created: 08-05-2016
Downloads: 363
Size: 545.09 KB

Pathology –Engineering Support under the Microscope

Created: 08-05-2016
Downloads: 546
Size: 1.47 MB

Risk & Reliability Centred Maintenance

Created: 08-05-2016
Downloads: 341
Size: 508.84 KB

Technology as an enabler to improve productivity

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