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Re: BOC Engineers are too big for their boots ariel dulay 30/11/21 2:31 AM
there is always an alternative. do not tolerate. BTW are you satisfy with their work? do they give you report on how they do including calibration and warranty of repaired unit?
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Re: Sony UPP-110 ariel dulay 30/11/21 2:18 AM
...gloss thermal paper sensor dirty/misalign
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Re: Reds on the Run John Sandham 29/11/21 2:07 PM
More about my book here: https://redsontherun.com/
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Criticool Mini Neonatal Warmer Indie 29/11/21 12:29 PM
Hi Guys
Just wondering if anyone has this product?
Would appreciate any feedback whether positive or negative about its performance and cost of accessories etc.
We currently use the Tecotherm Neo but have been advised that its now obsolete, any feedback at all would be appreciated.
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Re: Olympus Camera Heads Geoff Hannis 25/11/21 5:09 PM
Why? To give them the chance of beating the Third-Party quote? Or maybe offering an Extended Warranty?

Or would that be because the equipment has been leased from the OEM ... which would, of course, undoubtedly contain a clause that repairs may only be carried out by the OEM (which would be fair enough).

Otherwise, the OEM does not own the equipment, and therefore has no claim on it. In other words, the owners can do whatever they want with it (within the Law, of course).
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Re: Ansur answers !!! ToniAFSlo 20/11/21 9:55 PM
I'm sorry for this wrong information. No i have wrong remember, not even on printing i dont get Č. So its look like that is here End of Story. Problem is becuse Ansur when exporting pdf set encoding to ANSI so if someone find solution to change this to UTF8 please tell me.
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Re: Servicing LTV 1200 without Training ? Geoff Hannis 18/11/21 9:02 PM
Yes; interesting points ... and I can imagine that certain questions could cause embarrassment should any case go to "court".

Sounds like the Manager could be the one with some explaining to do.

As usual, my advice is to keep well out of (away from) it all if you can.

Meanwhile, I have always thought that biomeds should be "certified" to work on certain types of equipment - anaesthesia, ventilators, x-ray, lab analyzers, dialysis and so forth - via recognized training, possibly followed by periodic (annual, every five years, or whatever) re-licencing. Rather like the CORGI scheme for gas fitters. But unfortunately, the UK authorities have never felt the need to take such a step.

I'm not talking about simple Registration there, but actual practical evidence of appropriate skill sets.

So we just have to muddle along, relying on the techs always doing the right thing, and (not) supporting them when things go wrong.

We have "Guidelines" (only) issued by the Government ... but are subject to "Laws" when things go wrong. And never judged by peers, I might add - after all, what do juries, lawyers et al know about "biomed"?

"Integrity - a man's gift to himself".
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Re: alternative ambulatory syringe pump Malcolm 18/11/21 2:33 PM
Our biggest problem with Q Core / Eitan is the total lack of service support here in Italy.....
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calibration tool for fresenius agilia ventec 18/11/21 12:56 PM
I search for the calibrations tool for syringe agilia fresenius
is it available?
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Re: service manual for Mindray bs 300 Malcolm 18/11/21 9:32 AM
Hi Victor, I've sent you an email with a WeTransfer link.

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Re: Windows 10 and software Geoff Hannis 17/11/21 4:51 PM
Originally Posted by Neoteny
Our IT department is stating due to the NHS Digital guidelines ...
What Guidelines would these be, I wonder?

And, on a broader point, surely Biomed is not the only department that uses (needs) "old-fashioned" PCs for specific purposes? I'm thinking of the clinical labs, maybe Respiratory Therapy and places like that; anywhere that has PCs attached to medical kit, lab instruments and what-have-you.

Not everyone needs the latest "gee-whiz" super-connected stuff to do their work.

But lastly, surely Windows 11 is the latest "must have"?
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Re: Sony UP-21MD Print Test Huw 10/11/21 9:33 AM
Access granted.
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Re: draeger cicero service manual VME 08/11/21 3:36 PM
Hi, pirro
I also look for a drager cicero service manual

Thank you
Email: vme4electronics@gmail.com
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Using N1 Benevision without host monitor (N15/N17) CEng trainee 04/11/21 7:42 PM
Hi All,

Does anybody have any experience of using the Mindray benevision N1 monitoring pods with a TDS carry handle and module dock linked to a touchscreen instead of a full monitor such as the N15 or N17 as it looks like the N1 (pod if you will) does/can do all the hard work. Just wanting to know as thinking it might be much more cost effective and also wouldn't need to replace a whole load of batteries every 3 years. We can then make the budget allocated go further e.g. update more areas. Looking at the user/operators manual it looks like it should work really well while providing a really elegant and usable solution which should suit a significant part of the clinical area I work in.

If anybody has any knowledge or experience would be keen to hear. If anybody has any approximate costs that would be even better then feel free to personal message me to keep it confidential at an appropriate level. Also keen to know if the iView feature on the N17 and above is worth it/useful as sounds like this helps with integrating patient monitoring into the hospital electronic patient record system.

I am no longer a trainee as my user name suggests but decided to retrain now a fully trained and registered member of clinical staff. However maintain a strong link with our clinical engineering department in the trust I now work due to my previous experience within clinical engineering at my previous trust.


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Re: MR10 Respiration Monitor DTP 03/11/21 2:28 PM
We've been replacing our MR10s with the SISS Babycontrol. No issues to report.
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