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Re: Another hello Kevjrey Yesterday at 04:01 PM
Thanks guys :-)
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Re: Asset Management with Multiple Customers Geoff Hannis Yesterday at 11:57 AM
The initial challenge when starting out at any new project is to establish exactly what it is the client wants.

Many of us must have spent many (hundreds) or hours of wasted time in developing a "solution" only to hear "that's not what we had in mind" ... and then, of course, "can you make it do [such and such]"?

Myself, I have always "encouraged" prospective clients to be a bit more disciplined in their approach. In fact I used to insist on a written "spec" from them - even if it was just a one-liner. If a reasonable "spec" (or mission statement) could not be agreed, I used to walk away (and often did); life's too short.

Basically, if they don't have much of a clue what they actually want, how can anyone expect a successful outcome? No, it can only lead to wasted effort, disappointment and (often) resentment. Not a good place to be (for either party).

So, I believe it would be much better (constructive) if, when thinking about setting up, or moving to, a new CMMS folk spent a half-hour or so coming up with their own list of what they want from such a system, before asking around to see if their wish-list is attainable, whether off the shelf or as a new undertaking.

A few years ago I had an email from a guy (in Mongolia, of all places) saying "can you make it web-based"? - as if that would only take a few days of work. When I posted back "what exactly do you want it to do"? I never heard from him again.
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Re: Hospital Dress Codes mart 04/07/20 3:23 PM
Could be worse. You could have the same color shirt as the Ward housekeepers and keep getting asked for tea and toast 😏
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Re: Travelling to courses Kevjrey 04/07/20 9:49 AM
Most of our training courses are usually 4-5 hours away, and we are always allowed to set off at lunchtime, which works well. After the course finishes and we have to drive back during the evening (our personal time) we claim the extra time back
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Vela SW Request Cml 02/07/20 5:49 PM

I need Vela vent. SW.

I will appreciate if anyone has it.

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Re: GE MAC 55OO ECG Machine Adrian Jones 02/07/20 10:13 AM
I have had the same problem with another GE model and it was an intermittent optical sensor in the end.
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Re: Asset tracking systems worth it? Adrian Jones 02/07/20 7:43 AM
Hi Geoff,

A piece of fixed equipment does not have an active tag but will have the new passive asset label. If for any reason this is relocated by someone other than ourselves it would then be picked up on an audit, our library technician walks the site each morning and will take the scanner with him.

Where necessary with portable equipment that is small or has a metal case we will try and attach the passive to a plastic tag so that it is detected. If something that is high risk or value we try and get an active tag on it. We have three different size of passive, the larger the better. The active tags are 42 x 32 x 5 mm and are attached with a keyring, cable tie or hi-bond double sided tape.
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Re: Electrical Safety testers with 62353 standard MikeX 01/07/20 4:31 PM
Another meter worth looking at is the Gossen Metrawatt Secutest BASE. Costs about £1700 + VAT and has both manual and automatic functions. It looks bigger than it actually is in real life!
[Linked Image from gossenmetrawatt.com]
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Succeeding with Medical Devices Connectivity John Sandham 01/07/20 1:36 PM
I think we all need to be thinking about how devices connect to the electronic patient record 'EPR'. Debbie Pope (Speaking at the EBME conference in September) sent me an interesting news item about how Addenbrookes is doing what many other Trusts only dream about.
Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) haso developed a single vendor-neutral platform for medical device connectivity and data management to inform clinical decision-making, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. CUH chose a medical device integration platform to capture and standardize its device data. This included integrating cardiac monitors, ventilators, anesthetic devices, and C02 monitors into CUH’s EPR. They have managed to save £2.6million and decreased theatre turnaround times by three minutes per case. CUH is currently evaluating analytics within the medical device integration system that can help ensure connectivity uptime, improve battery management, and optimise device utilisation.

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Service manual alihussien 01/07/20 11:59 AM
Hi everyone
I need the service manual for Roche cobas c311 , cobas c411 , cobas integra
I had searched everywhere and no thing’s yet

Send to
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Re: Covid 19 volunteer response Geoff Hannis 26/06/20 4:28 PM
Nice one, "Alf".

I can also vouch that there is a certain amount of truth in the adage from bygone days:- "One Volunteer is Worth Ten Pressed Men" (and, indeed, that not everyone is motivated only by money).

See also the Pareto principle about who can always be relied upon to do the actual work.
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Re: Drager SOLA surgical lamp. alessandro 25/06/20 3:51 PM
I'm looking for SOLA 500/700 service manual
please send alesalejazz (at) gmail.com
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Re: need shangrila 590 service manual guna 22/06/20 8:21 AM
Hi do you manage to get the service manual?
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Re: Lock boxes for T34 stevo72 17/06/20 3:12 PM
Rockford are/were the official dealer/servicing organisation for CME in Ireland - they went direct to CME for their parts.

For those not aware, CME UK Ltd were bought out by BD.
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Re: Infra Red Thermometer Dustcap 15/06/20 10:47 AM
Hi Alf
My many thanks for the detailed information. Its been difficult to say the least and a lot of documents are suddenly off line or being updated.
Keep safe.
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Re: A Newbie question about COVID induced ARDS Tahsinadnan82 14/06/20 8:27 PM
Thanks for explaining. Have pleasant moments.
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