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Re: Sharing the info. Geoff Hannis Yesterday at 05:06 PM
Here's some software that many could find useful:- SketchUp.

Quite comprehensive (but nowhere near as intimidating as AutoCAD et al). Lots of features, even in the free version ... with much more available for those who want to pay.

Saves files to .png or .stl (3D).
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Stryker 40L Insufflator Contamination Error. Trelaone Yesterday at 06:15 AM
Hello guys,

I have a problem with a 40L stryker insufflator. When it starts the self testing it stops along way and shows "contamination"

I need your help on what could be the likely cause and how I can fix the problem.

If anyone has both user and service manuals may you please share. vgmakwinja@gmail.com

I will greatly appreciate your help.

Best regards,

Victor (Malawi)
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Re: Ultrasound Sonoace X4 - Does not power on frankshospitalworkshop 09/04/21 9:29 AM
Just to close the subject:
I haven't got any further. According to my research, I should be able to access the BIOS with ESC, F1 or something similar. In my case, however, nothing happens. The BIOS itself seems to be defective or no longer existing. By the way, the COMOS battery was completely empty. I guess standing around in a hot shipping container for months didn't do the device any good...

Thanks for your comments!
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Recommend me a spot check vital sign monitor Hilary 09/04/21 9:28 AM
Morning all,

I work for a 3 ward hospice - 38 beds.

Basic ward equipment - thermometers, pulse oxy and BP machines. Nothing fancy as it isn't ITU life and death so to speak.

As you all know if you want something broken give it to the nursing staff for 5 mins.

I'm looking for recommendations for the all in one spot vital machines. Which are the most robust?
It needs to cover the basics and not be prohibitively expensive either as an initial outlay or on replacement probes etc.

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Re: SQL database using Ansur software Geoff Hannis 08/04/21 2:33 PM
@Dave: thanks for that, Mate. To avoid derailing the thread, I've copied your post here.

@Phil: maybe the comment I made here applies to your situation as well.
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Re: IEC leads control Geoff Hannis 08/04/21 2:30 PM
Originally Posted by DaveC in Oz
Don't know what the rules are in the UK and elsewhere but down this way (Aus/NZ) detachable mains cables need their own label which specifies not only test/next test date but the asset number of the device with which the cable was tested, that way you know where the test results are for earth resistance etc should the cable be moved to a different device, as often happens, and that device were to be involved in an incident.

Fixed mains cables do not require a separate label but we often do anyway out of habit as much as anything.
Sounds sensible to me (apart from the un-fused plugs, of course).

Does AS/NZ 3551 call for this?

Is this (labeling of mains cables) common practice anywhere else in the world, I wonder?

On the other hand (see post #21330):-

Originally Posted by Marcel Eve
It took 2 minutes to test a lead, 6 minutes to label it up!
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Re: Fluke OneQA Geoff Hannis 08/04/21 2:20 PM
The "gotcha" with sticking with Ansur obviously is:- what happens if (when) Fluke decide to discontinue support for Ansur, and (as well as) not making any new Plug-ins available if needed for new test kit in the future?

On the other hand ... perhaps there could be an opportunity there for Third-Party Developers (not much money in it, though ... especially considering the time and effort involved).

However ... I should imagine that whatever means are used to insert a "supported device" into OneQA, surely the background code is going to be "very similar" (if not identical) to that of the "old" Ansur Plug-ins.

By the way (as already mentioned), I can see the need for a complete re-write of Ansur. If you look, for instance, at files contained in some of the Plug-ins you can see straight away how they have become not only greater in number, but also increasingly complex since the early days (of Metron QA-90, QA-ES, QA-ST et al).
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Welch Allyn LXi MikeyT 08/04/21 10:46 AM
Hi. Does anyone have a copy of the Welch Allyn Spot LXi repair software?
Welch Allyn will only provide it if we do the training course but we only have a couple of them, so not enough to warrant paying for the training course.
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Re: Bio-Tek VT Plus daisizhou 04/04/21 1:45 AM
Thank you for your help and look forward to the results
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Re: Emed Spectrum or Bowa Arc 400 Geoff Hannis 01/04/21 1:42 PM
It seems that you guys need to make friends with Emed.

@karakusemre: be aware of Frank's resources. I see a couple of "near misses" (similar models) to the ones you are asking about. How good is your German?

@Howard: a complicated PM? Care to elaborate just a little? Quite a few of us on here are interested in the topic. For years it has seemed that ESU testing has become the "last frontier" of the biomed testing scene - each manufacturer doing its own thing, different approaches by test kit manufacturers, some biomeds not testing* much at all outside of EST (and maybe a few load resistors) etc., etc. Surely by now there should be consensus, or at least a bit of consistency!

* I've probably already mentioned fresh liver from the kitchens.
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Re: About Timeter RT-200 daisizhou 29/03/21 5:58 AM
I have confirmed the model of the high pressure sensor[Linked Image]
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Re: Genius 2 thermometer testing Geoff Hannis 25/03/21 9:07 PM
Not the infamous water bath!
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Re: Drager savina 300 Service Manual for help Geoff Hannis 24/03/21 5:23 PM
What error code are you getting? Someone may know it.
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Manchester Foundation Trust (Various Posts) Joe Emmerson 23/03/21 3:37 PM
I have various posts advertised currently across Manchester Foundation Trust, please check NHS Jobs

ORC = Oxford Road Campus
WYT = Wythenshawe General Hospital
Xsite = Cross Site

B4 x 3 Closes 05.04.2021 (2 x WYT, 1 x Xsite)
B5 x 2 Closes 05.04.2021 (1 x WYT, 1 x ORC)
B6 x 1 Closes 06.04.2021 (1 x XSite)
B7 x 2 Closes 31.03.2021 (1 x WYT, 1 x ORC)
B7 x 1 Closes 25.03.2021 (1 x Xsite)

Always looking for experienced engineers, innovative people or those with a good strong IT background

Good luck!
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Re: Aloka F37 ariel dulay 22/03/21 2:41 AM
be sure that your hardrive is not full. or delete some old files.
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Re: Seca 535 BP ariel dulay 22/03/21 2:35 AM
replace inflation bag with new one. and sometime the correct position of cuff.
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Re: Service Manual for Old corometrics 116 Diego de Jesus Gonzalez Beltran 18/03/21 4:36 PM
Thank my friend

That tip was very useful

Finally, I found the 118 service manual

Have a great weekend ahead
Best regards
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Re: Arcomedical VP7000 series volumetric pumps peterthetrainer 18/03/21 9:33 AM
Try 1001
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Re: BD infusion device giving set supply issues John Sandham 18/03/21 9:10 AM
A colleague of mine has just emailed me the attached urgent field safety notice.

Description of the Problem:
BD has been notified by a 3rd party sterilization services provider that it intentionally falsified sterilization process records related to the processing of BD products.
BD immediately conducted an investigation and has determined that BD is unable to guarantee the sterility of the devices listed in the attached appendices. Therefore, we are removing the devices from the market.
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Eternity SH300 ICU Ventilator Service Manual odocostume 17/03/21 10:37 PM

Does anyone have the Eternity SH300 ICU Ventilator Service Manual? If yes please send to oliveira.francisco@sapo.pt.

Thanks in advance.
Francisco Oliveira
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Re: Service manual for Datex 9100C NXT Request Diego de Jesus Gonzalez Beltran 17/03/21 6:38 PM
Hi my friend

The problem is that this manual is not for the NXT and it only has 1 flow sensor and the calibration procedure for the Flow valve, peep, etc is different
The NXT has 2 flow sensor similar to the Aespire 7900

Thanks for your help
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The Never Ending Trail Geoff Hannis 17/03/21 6:32 PM
Over the years in-house biomed work has become more and more one of routine. Preventive Maintenance (PM) routines have become well-established, whilst opportunities to tackle interesting repairs can now be few and far between (or, just as likely, deemed to be "not cost-effective").

Once the PM schedule has been organized we may find that it requires hundreds of man-hours of work each year. But how should we allocate those (generally repetitive) tasks?

One way is to assign each technician to specific types or groups of equipment. Anaesthesia equipment, or laboratory equipment, electrosurgical units, or x-ray equipment etc. The same technician would also most likely be the one to respond to calls to repair equipment within the group. We can call this tech the "lead" (as in leader) technician.

The downside of such an approach is that others within the team may begin to feel left out, especially if left to deal with (what to them may be) less interesting equipment. One way around this is to split up the equipment groups, so that more than one tech (or even all of them) gets a chance to be involved with each type of equipment.

Once a PM system has become well established, another problem can be that technicians can become dispirited (worn down, or simply bored) by an endless trail of PM, especially where large quantities of equipment of the same type are being dealt with. Unimaginative PM procedures (sometimes little more than pressing buttons on an Electrical Safety Tester) won't (and don't) help.

How should we maintain the morale of the in-house biomed team? In a word:- involvement. As well as rotating equipment responsibilities (aka, sharing the burden) within the team.

I would suggest something along the lines of:-

1) Assigning a named tech as the lead for each equipment
2) Assigning a named tech to oversee each user department
3) Rotating techs through equipment and departments over time
4) Making lead techs accountable for PM completion targets
5) Making techs answerable for feedback received from "their" users
6) Sharing (or doubling-up) on PM visits from time-to-time
7) Continuous re-evaluation (revision) of PM procedures
8) Adopting Risk-Based PM (usually leading to longer intervals)
9) Promoting "walk-through" inspections of user departments

The last mentioned being good for PR, as well as nipping problems in the bud.

There again, we could always ask for volunteers!

Does anyone have any thoughts and experiences about this that they would like to share?

But another thought occurs:- is the "trade" as interesting (varied, challenging, rewarding ... or what-have-you) as it once was? Is it still attractive to the "hands-on, fix-it" type of young person (assuming that they still abound)? And ... would us old-timers still want to get involved today if we had our time again?
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Re: Valleylabâ„¢ FX8 Energy Platform service manual Geoff Hannis 16/03/21 5:58 PM
UFP: Universal Footswitching Port ... large single pin socket (for large single pin plug - or jack plug - sometimes known as the "Bovie").

For some reason (probably nothing more than "tradition"), these are found on almost all electrosurgical units.

I would attach an image if they were available to this thread!

Re: test equipment ... yes; that has always been the problem with testing ESUs. It seems that every manufacturer has his own ideas. Not to mention his list of "must have" (expensive) test equipment. Not so bad if you're only serving a single hospital (or group of hospitals using the same ESUs), but a real headache when supporting equipment in many and various locations (each with their own favourite ESUs). A few years ago one manufacturer was talking about testing and calibration procedures that required current sensing transformers. Apparently, that was the "only true way" of measuring the RF output(s). What we need is a truly universal approach!
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Re: Transmission of Covid 19 Geoff Hannis 13/03/21 9:00 PM
You're obviously thinking of a well-designed (not to mention, well-maintained) system there, Neil.

Maybe I was unlucky, but I never came across many of those!

Actually, that reads like provisions made for Operating Theatres, and so forth. I don't think you'll find many (expensive) HEPA filters in nurses' accommodation. And fire protection will depend upon the "Code" being followed (zoning, sprinklers etc.).

PS: Have you ever taken a look inside HVAC ducts that have been operational for more than a year or two?
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Re: HP XLe EKG Malcolm 12/03/21 2:22 PM
Geoff, many thanks.

I've downloaded the files from a link in the post and sent them (after repeated blasts from McAfee) to the interested party.

PS Seems like Rome (RED zone) is back in lock down from Monday.....
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