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Re: Covid Vaccine DaveC in Oz Yesterday at 09:53 PM
Just one..............
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Re: EBME shout outs Alf 15/01/21 1:16 PM
Channel 4 News


My Hospitals at Epsom & St Helier NHS Trust, so proud of my clinical colleagues, my medical engineering team also who are working so hard to ensure doctors & nurses have the equipment they need and our patients deserve
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Re: Transmission of Covid 19 Alf 15/01/21 8:52 AM
Earth Science & Technology Association link


Just keep pressing read more for all info
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Re: Biomed Job Descriptions Angus 14/01/21 2:36 PM
Thanks Geoff.
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Re: Testing an ECG with Rigel Uni-Sim Geoff Hannis 13/01/21 12:36 PM
Sounds like filtering ... 50/60 Hz maybe. Is it set to 50 Hz?
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Re: Third party repairs John Sandham 13/01/21 11:29 AM
Huge savings can be made on lamps Geoff.
Especially for Cold Light Sources.
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Re: The impact of COVID on the work of EBME Departmen? kit 12/01/21 12:22 PM
What I have found in our hospital is that there has been changes thoughout the hospital, certain clinics and wards have closed. Other wards have been comandeered for Covid patients entirely. Intensive Care Units have split into Green and Red (Covid). For our EBME department Ive found we have had to help with the transition of medical devices (Patient monitors, vents ect) moving from ward to ward and back again, continuously changing as the pandemic changes. New equipment has appeared from DoH eg ventilators ect that have had to be acceptance checked and registered on our database along with organising user training for staff of new these new devices. Also we have had to get involved with stripping anaesthetic machines that have have been in contact with Covid patients and having certain parts sterilised and returned for reassembly. PPMs that would have been done annually are maybe being delayed as access to some wards with Covid is maybe not advised if at all. Dealing with some suppliers has not been easy and access to some devices like thermometers has been difficult. Im sure this will go on for a while but it is all about continously adapting as the situation changes.
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Drager Infinity C500 Umi 11/01/21 10:56 AM
Hello everyone,

Has anyone out there had issues with the Drager Infinity C500, located on a portable stand which has a white power supply block underneath.

apparently if the monitor is not charged the batteries inside the dies? then new replacement batteries have to be installed?

Has anyone had similar issue

power supply
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Re: Paul Kemp David Mulvey 09/01/21 6:34 PM
I’m truly sorry to hear of the passing of Paul. I wonderful man and a true gent. My sincere condolences to his family and friends. Kind regards David Mulvey
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Re: Mindray SPO2 advice DaveC in Oz 07/01/21 11:49 PM
This back from our Mindray guys

The answer is yes you can connect some Nellcor probes to Mindray trunk cable(blue socket) as below (attached) answer in blue colour. But we are no longer advertise that, because we prefer customers to buy N series with Nellcor socket(grey color) if they use Nellcor probes, because not ALL type probes of Nellcor that Mindray trunk cable can support, we don’t want to cause customer confusion.

Further clarification is in the attached document.

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Re: Medical Device Regulatory News MikeX 05/01/21 11:13 AM
I would not hold out for many job opportunities, as approved bodies may be international companies with a UK registered office. All the assessment work will be undertaken at existing international locations and only the final paperwork will be passed via the UK office.

If every medical device had to be tested in an UK facility you would expect a reduced choice of products available in the UK market and they would be at an increased cost!
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Does EBME came under health care job? Tina Midhun 02/01/21 11:53 PM
Hello All,

I would like to seek a skilled worker visa under new point-based immigration, So would like to know does the BioMedical Engineer job is listed under the health sector or not? I currently work as EBME in NHS.
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Re: The inside Job Geoff Hannis 02/01/21 6:31 PM
... such as?

Surely as long as the advertisement is legal, "they" can stipulate whatever they want, in the hope of fulfilling their requirements.

Far better that they make this clear from the onset, rather than waste everyone's time with a trail of disappointed interviewees.

Anyway, what about the maxim:- "I know when I'm not wanted"?
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Re: Accepting DoH loan devices Geoff Hannis 02/01/21 6:25 PM
Yes; and yes.

(don't forget the manuals ... not to mention parts and (or) consumables)
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Re: PM Procedures as Art! Geoff Hannis 31/12/20 6:59 PM
The link I gave at #67909 no longer works ... it was to a .pdf of the set of famous "Health Devices" Inspection and Preventive Maintenance Procedures compiled by ECRI.

This is a set of sixty or so comprehensive but "generic" PM procedures. Although dating from 1995, they may still still form a useful "starter set" from which local procedures can be developed.

The Good News is that I recently came across the 3.8 Meg .pdf on an old hard drive. So if any one still needs this file, feel free to get in touch.
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Re: 2021 Huw 31/12/20 10:32 AM
...and to everyone.

Happy New Year everybody.
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Re: Vela Diamond ventilator Noise ariel dulay 30/12/20 11:57 AM
You need to perform PPM and replace those kit with new PPM kit. :-)
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De Soutter Extractor Neoteny 30/12/20 8:52 AM
Good morning

Does anyone have a manual or wiring details for the de soutter CC5 Extractor / hoover?
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Re: Drager caleo incubator ariel dulay 29/12/20 10:53 AM
error 53 means?
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Re: Service manual Monnal T75 zilog 28/12/20 2:31 PM
hi kittiwat
please send me monnal t75 service manual copy.

my mail: omerkurt77@yahoo.com

thanks you
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Re: Best Union for EBME Engineers Vicneas 22/12/20 9:33 PM
I'm with GMB, I would not recommend though.
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Re: Appropriate Pay Band ? Vicneas 22/12/20 9:28 PM
Okay, thanks for the input. I'll rephrase if it helps. How long would a tech normally take before being fit and ready for the work quoted above? I do not work under agenda for change but I am trying to compare. I was under the impression that only certain band of tech would service and repair certain medical equipment..
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Re: End Of Life/Support Medical Device Geoff Hannis 22/12/20 6:33 PM
Yes, Billy ... but stand by to receive "push-back" (incoming) from folk* who take the view that using "third party" parts constitute a (presumably "illegal") modification!

* Especially those working for manufacturers, one suspects.
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Re: Jokes 2 (son of Jokes!!!) John Sandham 22/12/20 1:42 PM
How do you help someone who’s lost their Christmas spirit?
Nurse them back to elf. laugh

What did Adam say to his wife on the day before Christmas?
It’s finally Christmas Eve! grin

What do you call a frog hanging from the ceiling?
Mistletoad. grin
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Re: Succeeding with Medical Devices Connectivity John Sandham 22/12/20 1:14 PM
Hi Tek & Kit,
Yes, any biomeds wanting to accelerate their career should get up to speed with the latest innovations in connectivity and digitization. I have put together a 'crib sheet' of the acronyms and management tools which we will put out in the next newsletter. Being long in the tooth is no excuse Kit, the government will probably extend the retirement age by 10 years to pay for covid ;-)
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