We have tried quite a few different cuffs from third party suppliers over the last few years. Some were better than others, the Welch Allyn cuffs were reasonable. However, despite these cuffs being much cheaper than the geniune items from other major manufacturers, they were not as good, and did not last as long. The users were not particularily impressed either.

We had been taking the same approach with SATS probes, having repairs carried out at third party suppliers, and again although there appeared to be a huge cost saving, the replacements were not lasting as long.

So we contacted the major equipment manufacturers, and explained that we were not using their consumables due to very high costs. We added that we would prefer to use genuine items as we acknowledged the quality was much better. All of the companies responded with significant discounts on the semi consumable items. Seems like a good result, we are happy and the users are happy.