We have a very similar procedure to yours Mark.N containing the same information as well as a reference number and space for logging the work order number from the computerised system.

It also contains a tear off portion so we can report back to them and let it "tally up" with their records. laugh

These records are contained in a pad, one of which is supplied to every user, including P.C.T's and health centres we deal with. laugh

We also took that extra step you mentioned Mark and provided all wards/departments/clinics etc. etc. with a laminated "idiots guide" laugh laugh

Still we get equipment without the paperwork, no decontamination declaration, 5 pieces of kit on one sheet etc. mad

As John said with their place, we too raise incident forms and try and "shame" the likes of Ward Managers and Control of Infection teams.

Still we have to deal with incorrect paperwork, the excuse that "we're too busy and haven't got time to fill it in" is often stated. frown

We have got to a stage now where we are considering changing our system of fault reporting/decontamination sheets to try to improve the poorly adhered to guidelines.

May I add that we also supplement our decontamination process by providing to all users a seperate "External Decontamination Certificate" book for items leaving the Trust.

Why worry, Be happy!