Just wondering Max what you do with equipment that has to go outside your Trust to other hospitals or O.E.M's.

Do they take your word for it that it is decontaminated and has not been in contact with a hazadous substance. eek

If they do, then please let me know because we have to ship equipment with a Declaration of Decontamination Certificate.

As to a paperless system, yes I think that would be ideal too, if your fault reporting and general administration is totally paperless, I take my hat off to you. cool

I too, like the marvels of the technological age but still feel safe knowing that I can refer too the "written word" when the systems crash. confused

As for staff doing what is required of them and showing due diligence through training, education and instruction etc I can only presume your nursing staff are of a higher calibre because the words "the lights are on but no-one is at home" comes to mind with our lot. eek

I'm sure now I'll be vilified by the hordes of the nursing profession that read these pages, alls I would say is don't tell me - tell your colleagues. mad

Why worry, Be happy!