I agree with Max.

Fellow MTO's, etc, please use the correct terminology.

To often I hear use of the word 'Decontamination', it is not.

It is a Certificate of Contamination Status.

They do not claim decontamination, as you are all implying.

They may not have been able to decontaminate the medical device, for what ever reason, therefore you should be informed of the risks, that's what it comes down to and what precautions to take.

If the medical device and/or accompanying certificate are vague in appearance, treat the device with caution and the certificate with contempt. Further, disregard what they tell you and adopt all the necessary precautions, always, as if all devices were contaminated.

That is the regime we operate in our department, gloves, masks, aprons, cleaning and disinfecting materials. We do the best we can to protect ourselves from false claims. I do not want my staff putting themselves, colleagues or family and friends at risks, we all have a duty of care here. If in doubt, incinerate it. Get infection control to take swabs, etc, etc.

Equipment from suppliers and returned to suppliers must be accompanied with the a Certificate of Contamination Status too. You should not be allowing medical devices into your Trust without such a certificate from suppliers, whether it be for trial, loan, evaluation, etc.

Likewise you should or end user, supplier the supplier with a certifcate on return to them of the medical device. Do you all, I doubt if many do, not impressive.

Like John S. we on-line complete a Clinical Risk Form for incidents of gross negligence, such as incorrect or false, etc., completed Certificates of Contamination Status.

If my staff accept anything less than correct I am personally liable for putting them at risk and rightly so too, again I have a duty of care. If there is a problem chaps sort it at the right level, don't just moan about it.

What is it?

Be proactive not reactive.

Remember, it is NOT a Decontamination Certificate, so do not use the phrase, it does not exist.

Jim Gavin