What do you agree with Max on, that staff should be correctly vigilant in their cleaning of equipment or that we shouldn't require any "hard copy". confused

You are, of course, absolutely right it is a Declaration of Contamination, however, it doesn't help me when I have a stack of "Certificate of Decontamination Status" books already printed up and in use.

I could always adopt the approach of Billy "Liar" when dealing with the "Shadrack and Duxbury" calendars but I don't think the drainage system will take it. confused confused

The issue is not wether they declare it's contamination status or state it has been decontaminated it's that the bug**rs just don't do it.

I applaud the fact that your guys are well "suited-up" but do you do this at the point of collection or is the poor old porter left to cart it to your place and "suffer the consequences" later.

We require the status of all equipment being brought onto our sites to have their "contamination" status confirmed wether for loan/trial or demo.

We are treated with utter devastation by some reps who say " we've never had to do this before"
and yes sometimes it does slow the process up but I feel happier knowing we've done things the proper way.
I'm well use to consultants jumping up and down anyway. rolleyes

We provide "Certificates" for items that leave this department wether for Transfer or going to another O.E.M.
All users have the same "Certificate" book and should, according to Trust policy, do the same when they let stuff off their ward/department.

We raise incidents on non-conformity to Trust policy but unfortunately this is done on that dredded paper stuff, I think your electronic format is a better idea and I'll raise it with our IT dept.

Just be interested to know what you get incinerated, leads?, pumps?, etc if contaminated.
You've had a few staff through your doors since I've known you Jim, I always thought you trained them up and they moved on to "pastures new", didn't realise you had them "torched" if their swabs came back positive. frown

Why worry, Be happy!