Louis and John,

I think you might be trying to teach Grandma to suck eggs (no offence Gill) you know - and Mark E's lollipop comment really takes the biscuit (no pun intended!). With Gill's valuable input I watched a busy, regional NICU develop into one of the best around, with respect to equipment usage, equipment training, clinical-support, clinical data management and maintenance.

She does also take the time to train those more intellectually-challenged like myself, which is unusual in departments where everybody is watching their backs and paranoid about others job-roles, qualifications, grades and knowledge. By the way, I think hers is the sort of approach that those who aim to be "Proactive, not reactive" and others who give "formal" training to users (hah, hah) should be aiming for.

Finally, Dave H. what does it matter if everyone you work with is well qualified? Why bother about other's qualifications at all as long as they meet the minimum criteria? Paranoia maybe? Concerned about slipping further down the food-chain into the primordial-sludge, perhaps?