From the tone of your posting I think you have mis-interpreted the posting. confused
I was being sincere when I said equipment cleaners could free up valuable nursing time.
At our Trust I regularly see too few nurses trying to care for too many patients, and I have the uptmost respect for the work they do, and vice-versa. You could speak to any nurse in our Trust and they would agree.

I agree with Jill. smile

We are trying to find funding for cleaners who will only clean equipment. The tissue viability nurse has take the lead in this initiative, as it seems to be the ripple mattresses that are the main item we have problems with.

I can't speak for Mark.E , but I read his comments as complimentary, and I didn't take it as being sarcastic at all.

Sometimes written text loses the 'tone' and can be read to mean different things, which is why I tend to use the instant graemlins, to give more tone/meaning to the text. cool

Be Proactive and reactive.