Actually, John, Louis and Mark E. The way I read your postings it seems that you assumed Jill was a Nursey-type. Graemlins or not, that's the way it came across to me and it will have to others.

With this almost patronising attitude, I know Jill's entitled to be a mit miffed. I think I would be - but hey, why worry be happy!

Dave. H. there was no need to bring nurses or other engineers qualifications into it - nothing to do with anyone else, in my opinion, unless you're in a position to decide for someone else (i.e. you're a Chief Technician).

As for being a Zorro; Richard is my real name, my email is there and if you or anyone else wants a private discussion you're welcome.

It shouldn't really worry you what my qualifications are or where I work but it's in a large General Hospital. I am a fully-qualified engineer with over 14 years in the NHS and a spell working for a private company, whose name escapes me! Mark E. will fill you in if you want to know anything else.

No doubt you'd prefer to have a bunch of idiots, who count on their fingers, working for you so you can keep hold of them once you've got 'em, Eh? Of course, you could be of the "I've got no interest in that so nobody else should have opportunities", way of thinking, perhaps? But maybe I've misinterpreted your posting above.