I know that Jill is a Clinical Technologist from Kent & Canterbury Hospital East Kent NHS Trust
with interests in Neonatology, and I agree with her that less qualified staff are perfectly capable of cleaning equipment, if that is part of their job description.

It is also a fact that (Nurses/ODA's/Doctors) The users are responsible for ensuring equipment is clean (even if they assign someone else to do it), this reduces the risk of cross infection.

I mentioned nurses because it was part of the discussion, nurses were mentioned in many of the previous posts. I try to concentrate of the facts, and not make too many assumptions.

DB9801 states that "a failure to have effective procedures in place will not only put staff and end users of equipment at risk, but also create a danger of liability being incurred"

We are all resposible for ensuring patient safety, that includes keeping equipment clean. If that means asking for a signed document to say the device has been cleaned then we should do it.

It needs a culture change, not just from users, but from everyone.

I am not being argumentative, We do enforce our decontamination policy, Our EBME Librarian will not move equipment without a contamination status notice.

Be Proactive and reactive.