May I take this opportunity to applaud Richard, I believe he speaks passionately about a subject that should be close to our hearts and well-being. laugh

I agree with his view points and I don't think he is out of touch, if he is then I am as well.

We had a disagreement about a small issue, the main topic I think we are very similar in agreement on.

If more people were as concerned and forthright on the subject then maybe we would be closer, nationally, to sorting out this major issue.

What seems to be common is that we have all had similar experiences of poor equipment cleaning. This to me suggests that the problem is wide spread and "out-of-control".

Mark E highlights the example of Wigan. I would hope Stuart or Dave would give us the benefit of their in-sight as they are doing "cutting edge" stuff to do with decontamination and equipment preparation I believe.

I do agree with Richard as to training of all staff. Infection control knows no boundaries and so all staff are important in this issue.
I take issue with nursing staff on porters behalf when they are expected to handle equipment in a poor condition. I have the "attitude" to do this, unfortunately a porter does not always have the back up to refuse to handle soiled items.

I too have horror stories as to the contamination of equipment and being "swabbed" for nasties.

Keep banging that drum Richard I'm doing it too. laugh laugh

Why worry, Be happy!