You have a good grasp of the problems we all encounter.

The root of the problem is training and implementation of cleaning and decontamination policies.

With nearly 10% of patients (and staff) aquiring infections whilst in NHS Hospitals costing the NHS millions we need implementation plans for policies. (not that this is about money!!)

I am working with the Clinical Governance team, EBME staff, and users to develop a plan for implementation of training. This (I believe) is the root cause, and our EBME Training officer includes cleaning and decontamination in his equipment training, and induction training.

This has resulted in more awareness and understanding. I agree that we are fortunate to have an equipment library, and dedicated staff for collection and delivery who are also trained to insist equipment is cleaned between patients.

We have also worked with portering and they now also insist on the correct paperwork when moving equipment (They operate the library out of hours). The form we use to say equipment has been cleaned is quick and simple to fill out.

We have in no way 'cracked it' but we are part of the organisation and doing everything we can to improve the situation.

Other countries in Europe have cross infection rates as low as 3%. The NHS should and can do better.

Be Proactive and reactive.