Apologies in advance for ignorance of the meaning of CE marks and definitions.
I am responsible for training the nurses here in the use of infusion devices and I have a couple of questions for anyone with a clue.
Infusion stands (drip stands, poles...): I found BS 3619 describing how drip stands should perform which gave me some information about construction (but didn't say five legs were required) but nowhere did it mention mounting pumps on the pole. Is there an equivalent CE definition and one which relates to the use of equipment on drip stands?
Things I'd like to know include how many legs should a drip stand actually have, how much equipment can be loaded onto one stand and should the extendable portion be used for mounting equipment?
As a nurse should I be looking for CE or BS marks on all equipment and consumables and how do I found out what the numbers actually mean. (I used to know the BS number for sphygmomanometers but I've completely forgotten it and haven't found a single sphyg at work with the number or kitemark on it and I can't find what the CE number actually means.)
There may be more stupid questions later.

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