Isn't it odd that a document is superceded by one which no longer puts figures against performance parameters ! ? ! I wonder if the next re-work of HEI95 will have patient leakage limits of "acceptable" and "fail" ? Unfortunately it's too easy to assume that the marching advance of technology will automatically improve the performance of such devices - but I remember the design "upgrades" done by Imed on the 960 volumetric pump. Infusion accuracy was always better than 5% on the old pumps, but you struggled to get it below 10% on the new ones !

The list that Mr Davis has produced is extremely useful - and quite enlightening. I think that using DB9503 as a basis for the pass and fail classification is an excellent idea. I will certainly be using these tables as an aid in the selection process !

Thanks Bill.

Today is the day you worried about yesterday - and all is well !