Registration can only be a good thing. It will not only give recognition for the facts that we do make decisions and carry out actions that do effect the levels of care actual patients do recieve and the rate that they recover.
Maybe the tasks that we carry out arent as obvious as a surgeon carrying out an operation,
or a nurse taking blood pressure but how would they achieve their roles without the equipment to do it.
Also the registration will hopefully apply to suppliers and third party service engineers, so ensuring that these bods that actually fix equipment are fully experienced in what they are doing.
Of cause the only real way forward with this registration once implemented will be for the EBME managers out there to make sure that only registerd bods are allowed to work on equipment that is deemed to warrant it. Otherwise its going to be pointless.
Hopefully the registration will encompass some sort of structure to ensure that only recognised bods are allowed to carry out certain levels of work.
Also I thought that was where physisists came into the big schemme of things. They are the people responsible for research and the likes whilst we maintain and repair things. And there are some very good ones and some bad, just like Med Eng Techs or what ever they call us.
As a member of IPEM Ive read the info thats been flying around for a while and I can only say that if the bods that have got involved at IPEM had been as negative as some of us then we,d still be people with no future and the suppliers would be rubbing their pockets at the thought of all the service contracts they where going to get as the NHS dumps a load of handy lads (and lasses) because nobody will take quite nows what they do.

Anyway thats that off me chest. rolleyes