They don't seem to appreciate the difference in the rolls. A "scientist" obviously needs a higher level of academic qualification than a "technologist", where the emphasis is more on physical dexterity and skill as well as a basic "flair" for all things mechanical / electrical / electronic.

This is reflected in the different qualifications. A degree is a highly academic course whereas an HND is much more hands-on and practical. I've worked in manufacturing industries alongside people with degrees who didn't know one end of a soldering iron from the other and hadn't a clue how to tackle a circuit that wasn't working. They could analyse the design in great detail, but if a faulty component rather than a design fault was the source of the trouble, they were lost.

To insist that what are effectively two widely different jobs should have the same entry requirement seems ridiculous and unhelpful. In my side of things I need people who can repair things quickly and accurately, but not calculate X-Ray dosage or deal with Laser protection issues.

I know you can say I'm over-simplifying it and the boundaries maybe aren't that clearly defined or obvious in some places, but we've got to take an overview - or "chopper view" as my ex-boss liked to call it - and not back ourselves into a situation where the only people who we can consider for our technician vacancy are academically gifted people with no physical aptitude !

Maybe we need to divide the profession into two and push forward on two applications ? One for the Clinical Scientists and one for the Clinical Technologists. Both groups have the capability of causing serious harm to patients (and staff !) and I agree that everyone should be registered, but I think the insistance on a degree for a technicians job would be a serious mistake.

I apologise in advance to anyone who feels personnaly isulted by these comments. Remember I'm trying to look at it in a general way rather than worry about the exceptions to the rule - and I'm certainly not saying that everyone with a degree is hamfisted and useless - just the majority !

Today is the day you worried about yesterday - and all is well !