I don't think so - as long as they all were accepted for registration because of their length of service etc. How we deal with someone who we know is perfectly capable, but doesn't get registered on a technicality, is another question !

There must be lots of EBME / Medical Electronics / Medical Engineering departments around the country where not a single technician has a degree/HND - and maybe not an HNC either - because the staff were trained in the days when industry ran apprenticeships and if you wanted to mend electrical / electronic things you did a City & Guilds. I don't think anyone is saying that these departments haven't been doing the work properly all these years - at least I hope they're not - so why do we have to change to an accademic based entry requirement ? Many clinical staff are assessed for promotion etc on competency and much of the technical training provided by the companies is competency based. There's a system in place which would enable Trusts to assure themselves that the technical staff were competent to do the job - something which the gaining of a degree or similar qualification certainly does not.

If everyone has to have a higher qualification to stand any chance of getting any sort of job, then the criticism that degrees etc have been de-valued by the upgrading of so many establishments to University status and the massive increase in students studying in them, will be well founded.

Are skill and aptitude things of the past ?

Today is the day you worried about yesterday - and all is well !