Hang on here, Yes there are two sets of profiles one for medical engineering technicians and one for medical physics technicians. At first glance yes they do look the same, are they the same NO! How do I know this because I in conjunction with others wrote them. If you carefully at these profiles you will see that the major differance is that the medical physics profile allows for equipment design and development issues, whilst the medical engineering profile does not. This is the only real differance! Effectively the medical physics profiles apply to clinical engineering EBME posts (what is the differance may I ask) that have equipment design and development aspects amongst the job function. Therefore there is no reasion why in a large department be it CE or EBME you could not have staff with both ME and MP profiles working within the same department - remember the profiles are about what the job content is. In deed if you have a medical physics equipment service which does just conventional ppm and repair activity then those staff should be using ME and not MP profiles.

Looking at Academic qualifications these are set along the degree route for both sets of profiles quite deliberately, as the profiles have been writen for today and tomorrow with a view to the major changes that ARE GO TO HAPPEN in the next couple of years, yes there are going to have to be some hard choices namely at what - for a better way of putting it - profile/pay band will state reg for CE/EBME - (call it what you will) - will registration apply bearing in mind that the band 4 profile for example is a "training grade"

The question to be asked is a simple one "Do we wish to remain in the Dark Ages or are we bearing in mind what should be our professional ethic of professional development going to move into the 21st Century?"

I for one know which way I want to go