I started working in Medical Physics as a technician three and a half years ago. I was employed at the low end of MTO2 with an HND in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I had no previous experience in electrical/electronics as a career. I am still an MTO2. There has not really been a training scheme for me to follow. I recently applied to join the voluntary register. I was rejected because apparently I need four years' experience unless I have been completing a registered training programme. I have been trained up in-house on a wide variety of equipment, attended manufacturer's courses and studied (and passed) the post-graduate Anatomy and Physiology module of the Medical Physics MSc at Leeds University. I have been calibrating all the audiometers and tymps for the last eighteen months, and I carry out PPMs and repairs on a daily basis. I would really appreciate a scheme that can recognise my training and that of others, so that we can be registered properly. It would also help us to be promoted to the working grade.