So it's back to the discussion about whether someone with a degree is equiped with the knowledge and skills required to become a Medical Equipment Technician. There seems to be general agreement that the answer is "no" unless there is a proper training scheme in place - or maybe a specialised degree course which would hopefully include some on-the-job training.

Most department heads I know agree that taking on a new starter with no previous hospital experience places a huge strain on the department and seriously effects "productivity". The New Boy is a drain on limited resources - at least for a time, untill they can safely be left to get on with it by themselves. So "proper" training can only realistically be provided by the large departments - who must be funded accordingly and must accept that they will lose the majority of the people they train to other hospitals.

If such training isn't available and there aren't enough graduates coming through the specialised degree route, then registration is going to mean either lots of vacancies or lots of departments struggling to train people with limited resources, limited budgets and limited time.

Result = poorly trained technicians who take years to aquire the knowledge and skills necessary to allow them to achieve their potential.

Today is the day you worried about yesterday - and all is well !