The main focus of interest must be the "arrangements" for staff currently employed who do not meet the voluntary register requirements and will not meet the statutory requirements of registration.

It would be totally wrong to force perfectly competent technicians who are in their 50's to spend several years studying for a degree which many of them would just aquire in time for their retirement ! Is the Dept. of Health going to give them early retirement once the 3 year transition period has expired ?

Why isn't it acceptable for someone to be happy in their job ? Why is there always pressure applied to try and force them to "develop" ? If a technician want's to work out his time servicing Oxygen therapy equipment, suction machines and nebulisers, then why do we have to force him to learn about ultrasound, X-Ray, surgical diathermy etc etc etc ? mad

Today is the day you worried about yesterday - and all is well !