I've been following the debate over professional registration for some time and have mixed views. Encorage professional registration but do we really need compulsory state registration? It could be a good thing in the very long term, but there seem to be some key issues still to resolve:

Exactly what activities will require state registration? For example would an in-house tech servicing an anaesthetic machine need to be registered? Somewhere there must be crystal clear definition of who needs to be registered to do what. Which brings me to the second question.

What about the private sector and manufacturers design, sales and service staff?
- If the answer to my first question is 'yes' then surely a visiting service engineer would also need to be registered. - and if not the exercise is pointless as Clinical Technologists would only exist as a group within the NHS and not really be a profession.
I'm sure there will be lively debate over the next year or so but I guess it's about time I joined the 'volutary?' register.