Hello to everybody, I would like to chip in to the debate with my first posting.

I work in an EBME dept with 9 technicians, of which 8 people qualify to join the VRCT. So far I am the only person to register, although the others have now been frightened into joining, and are frantically downloading application forms. Whilst the general feeling is that in principle registration will be a good thing, the degree standard required for new technicians does seem excessive. Do MTO2 bods who only safety test equipment really need a degree????

Our 9th person has been with us for only 12 months, has adequate C&G certificates, and is on the first year of a HNC part time Electronics Engineering course. In 2 years time, with 3 years experience and a HNC under his belt, he will meet the criteria to join the VRCT. The only problem is that it will probably have closed, so he will then have to reach degree standard. How many more people are in this situation?

We have also recently advertised for an MTO3 technician. Unfortunately we havenít specified a degree as the required qualification. But even if we had, the new guy would still have to attain a degree in clinical engineering within the next few years. Bit of a no win situation. Good luck to all the new guys.