No decisions have been made regarding the process of transferring registration, however, the information below can be treated as a guide:

The fee currently payable to HPC by other regulated groups is paid biennially (two-yearly) and is currently 120. This can be paid by 30 instalments every six months. (Note: The HPC determines the cost of their fees - please do not harangue me over the size of the fee.)

I understand that when the voluntary register is transformed to a statutory register this fee becomes payable.

If you are not on the voluntary register at that time I believe that you will have to apply to join the HPC Register using their "grandparenting" arrangements. A process which costs 200 per application. Once accepted you will then have to pay the 120 fee.

It currently costs 10 to join the VRCT. The arithmetic is very easy! If regulation occurs in late 2005/early 2006 it is unlikely that current Registrants will be asked to pay further fees beyond this year's renewal. All new applicants will still be required to pay 10.