Ken. The situation you describe in Path Labs is a good example of a profession shooting itself in the foot ! A local hospital laboratory ended up in a totally uncompetitive situation because everyone had done the courses, got the certificates, attended the lectures, got their promotions etc - so the lab was staffed by Senior Senior Team Leaders all pipetting urine from patient sample bottles into test tubes.

Not surprisingly, Ciba Geigi or ICI or somebody could tender for the work a lot cheaper by employing part time people with no qualifications.

We're in danger of making our profession so difficult to get into that Trusts will have no alternative but to subcontract the work out.

I'm not against registration as such. I honestly don't agree with the argument for insisting on a degree as proof of a persons capability to do the job. A degree proves a persons capacity to learn facts and to re-gurgitate them on demand. I don't need Techs who can explain in detail the function of a digital comb filter or a phase lock loop circuit. I need Techs who can mend broken equipment, with minimal information and no technical support from the supplier.

Today is the day you worried about yesterday - and all is well !