This then leads us on to the question of who regulates the quality of work and technicians from oputside compnies.
If this register is for patient safety reasons, should the service techs from companies not have to be registered as well so the bad ones can be removed?
This will then level the playing field.
Will wholely outsourced departments have to have registered techs the same as NHS ones?
I have asked these questions before and there does not seem to be an answer. Does this mean no-one has thought about this, it has been ignored or there has been a slip-up in the planning of the register? Or have the companies thrown their weight around as they realise this may be a costly exercise for them?
I would worry if a tech was struck off the register, could only get employment through a company and then came back in the hospital to service kit.

My spelling is not bad. I am typing this on a Medigenic keyboard and I blame that for all my typos.