On point 2
As I said before I feel all service techs whether they work privately or for the NHS or for multi Nationals such as GE should all be on the official register. This causes problems if the multinational company techs haven’t got the relevant certs. And are allowed to dictate terms e.g.. “Only we can repair this equipment” the government should lay down guidelines.
Trusts should have Equal rights to circuit diagrams and parts etc. and if not the company should be removed from the master indemnity register.
That way all of our techs in hospitals will have the level playing field needed to get better conditions and pay with out fear of being under cut financially.
All the large companies will be able to get some one struck off if his work is not up to standard and that does away with most of their case for not supplying.
But who enforces as Geoff says in point 1 and 3.

I have got to admit although I tend to sit on the fence a lot and put constructive criticisms in for both sides, I strongly feel for patient sake we should all be accountable individually but competent techs shouldn’t be hindered by bureaucracy techs should be registered by the “ prove it” method. Not by bits of paper. I know some techs that are very intimidated by formal written tests etc., but are among some of the best techs you’ll ever see.